Houston County Fire Fighters Irish 5K Celebration & Fun Run



“Run for a Reason” will be sponsored by The Houston County Fire Association.  All ages and fitness levels are invited to participate!  The run will be held in beautiful downtown Erin TN.  Proceeds will go to fund community projects sponsored by the HCFA as well as the Houston County Fire Department.  Also a donation will be made to the local elementary schools health and wellness programs.  Our children truly are our future we want to get them off to a healthier start.

Fun Run will be a 1K and open to children 15 and under.  This race will begin at 9:30 am.    $10 registration fee

The 5K is open all runners/walkers of all ages.  Race to begin at 10 am.  We will have medals for the top participants in each age group as well as overall top male and female finisher.     $30 registration fee

Get your running shoes ready.  Invite all your friends.  Let’s start of the week of Celebration with a bang and show our town spirit.

Again funds raised will go to assist the Association with community services as well as a donation to the school system for physical education in our upcoming generation.  We know that we need to get our children from in front of the tv or video games back to eating healthier and becoming more fitness oriented.

Active.com has our registration information.  https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=6003452


Course route through beautiful downtown Erin.

Course route through beautiful downtown Erin.

 I would love to thank you all for coming out and making our day the success it was.  The weather was wonderful after the week we had, a touch on the chilly side but definitely warmed up by the time the race started.You should all be proud of yourselves, you did an awesome job and need to be commended for your efforts today and you contributions to the community.

I would like to apologize as there was a software glitch that failed to sort the runners by age group and gender, thereby causing me to try to separate them by hand.  There were some errors but I assure you that those that deserve medals will be given medals. 

Final results are listed below.

Any feedback, good or bad is appreciated because afterall all we would love to grow this event every year and see you all again.  I promise we will take your feedback and can trust an even bigger better event next year. 

With that said, please consider coming back to visit us next week at our Irish Celebration and Parade.  Also be on the lookout for the Bust A Move 5k to be happening in May.

Thank you all again, look forward to seeing you next year!

Donnette Stanley

Results Irish Celebration 5K 3.8

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